Using analytical software, we undertake a review of the client’s circumstances and current arrangement’s, including a cash flow analysis. Undertake product research, create comparisons and acquire illustrations from providers.

Report Writing

Once we have completed our analysis and research, we generate a suitability report for the financial planner to review before presenting to their client. This can be presented in our standard format or using the company/firm’s template, saving the planner additional time.

Business Support / Administration

Preparing Annual Client reviews

With MiFID II in full flow, we can prepare periodic suitability assessments to meet your ongoing regulatory obligations.

Due Diligence / Compliance / Advice

Our CPD ensures our expertise is kept up to date with new rules and legislations. We also work with a wide range of firms and product providers, so are in a great position to give impartial opinions/advice on compliance and planning queries.

Consultancy / Project work

We are also happy to undertake Consultancy / Project work on an ad hoc basis, we are skilled in compliance, advice review and remediation.

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